Yay! You made it!

Now, I know you're meant to be here, but in case you have doubts, do any of these resonate?

  • If you've tried and failed a bajillion times to get healthy...

  • If you’re a bit obsessive, but don’t know how to release that without jeopardizing your health at the same time…

  • If you'd get punched in the face talking to someone else the way you talk to yourself...

  • If you've taken it too far before, and you don't know what balance looks like anymore...

  • If food scares you, or if it's the only thing that helps you feel better...

  • If you want a version of Health that feels like it fits - like it was made for you...

Then, you're on the right page, babe. Amy here, and my life's work is helping people just like you shed shaming, metric-based health standards and replace them with empowered, individualized versions that feel GOOD. After all, that's the whole point, right?!

Let's get into the details...


How It Works

I see our work as three-fold. Here’s what I focus on with each client:


Tearing Down

Identifying and tearing down old beliefs and patterns that keep you in shame, fear and unsupportive habits.


Building up

Building up new beliefs that empower and support you, and educating you on relevant areas of health.


making change

Do-able behavioral goals that build your mental, physical & emotional health. Accountability with me keeps you on track (without the shame shit).


How We Do It

I've created a process called The 4 Movements of Health that we'll use throughout the process of creating serious change:


Movement 1: Look In

Get to know your beliefs, patterns, behaviors and automatic thoughts that hold you back from change.


Movement 2: Look Out

This movement focuses on your support system, environment, and what you perceive as obstacles so we can set you up for massive success.


Movement 3: Look Up

This step focuses on creating your plan of action and rooting it into how you want to feel rather than what you think you "should" do.


Movement 4: MOVE

Change happens here by taking action, learning about your needs, your body and your preferences as we go to help me personalize your program. I'll make sure to keep you right in the sweet spot of balance so you don't go too hard or hit overwhelm paralyzation.


I utilize a host of techniques to personalize this approach to each client. Some of my techniques involve awareness work, behavioral activation, mindfulness techniques, affirmation/mantra, personalized meditations, visualization, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping), worksheets, Intentional Eating, journal prompts, food/mood journaling, workout programming and more. I choose the tools based on the needs and state of the client.

While you will do some work along with me on our coaching calls, most of the life-changing work will be done on your own with specific, actionable homework that I give you. Coaching with me requires a commitment to do work on your own time.


The Support Elements:


Video calls

All our calls are hosted on Zoom online meeting so I can see you and gauge your energy. Each call will be recorded so ditch the notes, dude!

Email or text Support

You're not in this alone anymore, babe. Between calls, we'll check in over email or text to keep you on track and supported... and curb any freak outs.

personalized tools

I'm not leavin' you in the dark, boo! As part of your homework, you'll get personalized tools that you'll be able to use for. ev. errrrr.

About Me


What the world sees at first glance:

  • I'm an elite fitness trainer for Cyberobics - over 150 gyms across Europe, SkyTV and the Cyberobics App feature my workout videos. I also teach my mantra-based bootcamp at retreats and events across the world.

  • I'm a motivational speaker, having spoken for To Write Love On Her Arms, The National Alliance on Mental Illness and The Marine Corps.

  • I'm the force behind Strong Inside Out and The 30x30 Project, a 30-city tour to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention charity.

What the world doesn't see:

The clinical depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders that I've overcome through this very work.

There was a time when getting out of bed was my win for the day. I sincerely could not even imagine being mentally stable let alone effing HAPPY!

I hurt myself trying to make my body look "good enough," exhausted myself by hustling my ass off to be "successful enough," and compromised my values by sucking up my own needs to be "lovable enough."

Until I finally said ENOUGH. I finally got fed up trying to be enough for the world, and through that revolt, I realized I already was.

Now, I’m a bomb ass mom, recovered disordered eater, and balanced gym junkie. I’m living and breathing what I teach to others every. freaking. DAY.

It took years of trying and failing to find what worked for me, but it all came down to exactly what I hope to teach you: how to build an individual version of Health that feels RIGHT.

If you'd like to read more about my story, you can do so here.


  • Health At Every Size (HAES) Pledged Health Coach

  • Certified EFT Practitioner (EFT San Diego)

  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (The Association for Integrative Psychology)

  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 Graduate

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified in Exercise Nutrition

  • Equinox Fitness Training Institute Tier III

  • Equinox Pre- & Post-Natal



anonymous coaching avatar.png

I am grateful for the coaching work I have done with Amy. She is a great listener and holds a beautiful, clear, non-judgmental container. She stays very present with your process and offers a seemingly endless amount of tools to get through the challenges that life offers.

Last night, I drank and ate food I would have previously judged as *bad*. In the past I would have woken up tired, more than lethargic actually. Beating up on myself and making promises that today would be better. Instead, I woke up open hearted, happy, proud and went skinny dipping in my pool and went on a gorgeous hike in nature. Self love had me choose nourishing foods today. It made me realize, I'm tired and I needed extra self care. This new way of being is from Amy's coaching. I hadn't even realized how mean I was to myself for what I was eating. Amy spotted it and gently taught me a new way.  I'm so grateful! 

Anonymous Client

I feel transformed. I know it sounds cheesy to say it, but it really is inside and out. I’m strong and I think - not even think - [exercising and eating healthy is] a habit now. I know myself and what I can do, I don’t limit myself as much and I’m physically stronger. I got real results. Amy was the difference. Accountability is the difference. I’ve never been this consistent for this long. It’s the truth.

Dee R


Working with Amy changes everything. Amy taught me skill sets that allow me to connect to my body & my Source so I could finally love and trust myself. The things I've been longing for for years are now appearing in my life literally effortlessly. She will teach you the tools to reach and maintain your goals during your time with her and long after. I'm getting all the things I want and more.

Betty Jean Bell


Before I started working with Amy, my body was a constant source of anxiety for me. I was convinced that someday, if I were only thin enough, everything in my life would fall into place - but no matter the extremes I went to, it was never, ever enough. Amy changed everything for me. She gave me the tools and support to start believing that I’m enough just as I am, and the accountability to act on that belief by living my very best life. Thanks to Amy, I’ve learned how to be my own hero.

Anonymous Client

Are you ready to do this thing?


I’m not here to f around, babe. I pour my heart and soul into each and every coaching client. I devote hours of my time strategizing how to help you in the best, most fluid way I can. I care. A LOT. I pride myself on helping people make real, long-lasting change happen.

Can we do real talk for a sec?

Torturing and shaming yourself into health is what led you here, to this page. Because you know that something's not right with the way you've been told you're supposed to get "healthy." Let's break that pattern NOW and reclaim who you fucking ARE!


Let's build you a version of Health that feels like home.


Here’s what you get:

  • Two 45-minute video calls/month

  • 2 email or text accountability check-ins per week

  • Action Plan emailed to you after each call so you know exactly what to do and how often

  • Text access Monday-Friday (within reason)

  • Personalized Homework + Tools


Rate is with 3-month commitment with all 3 months paid in full. $1200/month with no commitment.


Let's get you set up

Ready to get to work? Fill out the contact form to the right and I’ll be in touch to set up a free 20-minute intro call!

Also, let's be real: no one is for everyone. We've gotta make sure we're good for each other before making any kind of commitment like this! Plus, I want to make sure you feel completely comfortable and READY before we start.

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