Tool #1: Mindful Moment

Doing this exercise before each meal and snack helps us to heal emotional eating in a couple of different ways. One, it centers us and calms any anxieties that might lead to emotional eating. Two, it helps us become aware of the reasons we reach for food when we're not hungry, then deal with those needs in a productive way.

Press play so I can guide you through it!

CLICK HERE for a written version.


Tool #2: Emotional Eating Food Journal

Recognizing your emotional eating triggers is key in preventing binges. "Triggers" are emotions, environments, thoughts or people that trigger you to want to eat emotionally (or restrict for that matter, which directly leads to binges). Keep track of your eating patterns using this 6-Week Emotional Eating Food Journal that cues you for both your food and how you feel when you eat it. At the end of each week, comb through your journal to see if any patterns present themselves, then set loving boundaries around those triggers in the future!

Follow these directions to create your own food journal:

  1. CLICK HERE for the Google Doc

  2. Click "File"

  3. Click "Make a Copy" to save it to your own Google Drive or "Download as" to export it as a Word Doc or printable PDF


Tool #3: Emotional Eating Cheat Sheet

You can watch videos, keep track and everything else, but what happens when it actually comes time to sit down and eat? It's a whole new ballgame! That's why I created this super-simple Emotional Eating Cheat Sheet.

Save the image to your phone to have on hand for any kind of eating situation.

Pull it out and check in with the 4 simple guidelines every so often before and throughout your meal. When it becomes habit, you won't need it anymore! 

CLICK HERE to download it.


About Amy Clover

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Amy is a writer, speaker, fitness personality and the founder of Strong Inside Out. After overcoming depression, anxiety and disordered eating, she now helps others shed shaming, metric-based health standards and build individual health without scales or judgment through her coachingonline courses and  in-person events. Her specialty is guiding people with depression, anxiety and/or eating disorders to reconnect with their needs and worth through mindfulness and fearless self-discovery.

Amy started this path as a personal trainer, but came to realize that the restrictive, shame-inspiring fitness world didn't align with her core values. After educating herself in psychological, energetic and spiritual healing practices, she resolved her own blocks around food and body image. Now she combines her love for movement and personal development to bring the world a unique approach to reclaiming one's power from depression, anxiety and eating disorders.


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