What would life be like if you weren't obsessed with food and your body?


This course exists to help you reclaim the power that food and body image obsession have stolen from you.

Intentional Eating is a guided group coaching experience that dissolves patterns of emotional eating through the adoption of mindful eating and thinking.

I created this course to remind you how it feels to be at peace with yourself. To know you're ok, that you don't have to panic because an extra 100 calories snuck into your food tracker. To not feel a pit of horror in your stomach when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.

I know how all that feels, and I know how the absence of it feels.

This course is your gateway back to a natural, free, fun relationship with food.

This is the final session of Intentional Eating
in this format and at this price.

I'm sunsetting Intentional Eating as we know it after this final round. Much has changed at Strong Inside Out (for the better we think). The foundations of Intentional Eating have been absorbed into SIO Health Essentials. While I do plan to run food obsession/emotional eating intensives in the future, they will likely require Health Essentials as a prerequisite and will be priced at a higher rate.

It's important to me that I offer all those who have been interested in the course one last chance to participate at the original, accessible investment level before I sunset it forever.








Deep-seated self-esteem... the kind that you thought people were faking up until now.


Food and body image obsession cleared so you can focus on what you really want in life.


Grassroots L.O.V.E. for yourself no matter what the scale says. No, really.




Like, real support. Real, thoughtful responses to your questions on the Facebook group & in the calls are how we do.


Enrollment is limited to 15 people to allow for emotional safety and for each person's voice to be heard.


Full of info, journal prompts and worksheets to guide you through every step.



You'll be coached through every step to learn how to eat mindfully, get in touch with your body's actual needs, deal with cravings, and finally release shame and guilt. 


Bi-weekly group coaching calls with me, Amy Clover, for the entire 7-week program plus a Facebook Group to get support, interact with other members & me, and ask questions in between group coaching calls.


Meditations, Self-Love Exercises and other Goodies to inspire confidence and authentic self-love. Every tool I've used that has worked for me I'm including in this program!



No diets. No meal plan. This course teaches fundamental shifts in the way you view food and your body.

I am so incredibly proud of this course and the changes it inspires in people. To witness their evolution from shame to empowerment is truly a gift and an honor.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to how life-changing it is from people who have gone through the program. Click play on the video to the right!



This course is for the willing; The ones who are ready to stand up to the inner voice that demands self-destruction.

If you're not ready, that's ok! I whole-heartedly mean that. The time will come for you when it's supposed to.

This program is for you if you're committed to doing the hard work to change your lifestyle–all of it.

If you're ready to get out of the diet-binge cycle and release the shame spiral once and for all, I sincerely can't wait to guide you through this in an intimate group coaching atmosphere. Click the button below to sign up!


The Investment

  • 7 weeks of attentive guidance from September 17th to November 5th.

  • The promise of an intimate experience; registration is limited to 15 members.

  • 3 emails per week with worksheets to guide you along and keep you on track so you know exactly what to do.

  • TONS of personal and group interaction to keep you accountable and support you through this process. Bi-weekly group coaching calls with me, Amy Clover, for the entire 7-week program and a Facebook Group to get support, interact with other members and me, and to ask questions in between group coaching calls (I'll check in there every business day).

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to eat mindfully to get in touch with your body's actual needs, deal with cravings, and finally release shame and guilt.

  • Meditations, self-love exercises and other goodies to inspire confidence and authentic self-love.


Intentional eating has closed its doors. Please check out our foundational program, SIO Health Essentials to learn how to eat for True Health, balance and moderation!



Welcome, Love. I'm Amy Clover, the creator and guide for Intentional Eating. To give you more background on why I created this course and why it means so much to me, here's my story...

For years, I binged in secret, then dieted in the spotlight.

I showed people how "strong" I was by eating less and limiting myself to certain food groups. I'd lose weight, then gain it all back in an endless, destructive cycle.

What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I just stop eating?

I'd sit in a shame spiral until it was too much to bear and I'd go into my next bout of dieting.

The last time, I dieted harder than I'd ever dieted before. I brought my body fat percentage down to competition numbers and felt like I'd "made it." When the event I dieted for was over, I binged harder than ever. I couldn't stop. I obsessed about every meal, every food I could and couldn't eat... I was out of control. I hated myself, telling myself that I was throwing all of my happiness away, that I was worthless, that I was a poor excuse for a fitness personality. The shame spiral slammed me to rock bottom, and that's when I realized how insane my relationship with food and my body had become.

I was drawing my worth and happiness from my shape. I was only worthy if I was perfect.

Anything less was a full-blown, shame-conjuring failure. If a client had come to me about this ping-ponging between worthlessness and power dependent on her appearance, I would have pleaded with her to find help. So I sucked up my pride and embarked on a journey of intensive healing with spiritual and therapeutic work, and I have finally come back home to a place of love for myself and peace with my food and exercise regimen.

From my time in recovery, I've developed a love-based approach to healing your relationship with food and your body. You won't find any diets or exercise programs in here. There's no calorie-counting or macro-tracking either. This is about getting to know your SELF better, the reasons why you reach for food outside of hunger, and gently, lovingly healing that process.

If you want to release your obsession with food and find peace with your body, welcome home.



Wha?! No diets or meal plan?

Nope! We'll work on mindful eating in this course, meaning that we'll get in touch with the reasons you feel the urge to eat when you're not hungry or punish your body by restricting. I'll teach you how to find the balance between eating all the food and not eating enough that will lead you to a healthy body weight for good. We'll also start to dissolve the mindset that pushes you to binge or restrict in the first place.


Is it just about the food then?

Definitely not. Our entire focus - including the mindful eating - is on getting real with what's happening underneath the food behaviors. We binge-restrictors tend to be a lot alike, holding ourselves to extreme standards and beating ourselves to a pulp when we can't meet them. The work we'll do will center around getting you in touch with your real needs, filling those needs in healthy ways and releasing learned judgment and shame from our bodies so we can allow Love back in.


I want to lose weight. Will this program help me?

Good question, friend. If you're above a healthy weight range, yes, this program will help you get in tune with your actual hunger cues which will in turn help you eat less if you're overeating now. If you're already at a healthy weight, this program will help you find peace with food and release the need to "perfect" your body to be worthy.

One of the most disempowering lies in our society is that we need to fit into a certain body type to be attractive, and that being attractive is the most important thing in the world. We attach our worth to our shape, the specifics of which we can't control or they take 24 hours a day of obsession to control, and every other asset we have pales in comparison.

When we lower the worth of our hearts, intelligence, opinions and passions because we think we need to work harder on our bodies before anyone will even look at those things, we've got a major problem. I think it's high time we release the need for perfection and accept our humanity. Peace can be found outside of a size 4. Joy can be reached at a healthy body fat percentage. YOU DON'T NEED TO BE MORE PERFECT; ACCEPTING THAT YOU’RE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT IS THE ONLY PATH TO SERENITY.


$500?! That's so cheap! What's the catch?

No catch, babe. I started charging this much because I wanted it to be as accessible to as many people as possible. I give my whole presence and guidance throughout the program even at this rate because this work is my JAM! I sincerely love helping people realize that the way they've been living doesn't have to be the way they live forever.


Soooo 7 weeks and I'll be done bingeing and restricting forever?

Glad you asked. This program is set up to get you in touch with the WHY behind the food behaviors, implement habits to replace them, and align you with self-love and confidence. That work takes years, not weeks. While I will teach you what you need to know to kick off this journey and keep going on it after the program finishes, it will take time to shed the beliefs that years of shame have rooted into you. What you'll get are the tools, the support, the community and the relief - you'll finally start feeling what it's like to be free from food obsession.


7 weeks is a long time to commit to. What if I fall off the wagon?

We are an anti-perfectionism program meaning that we suggest that you take the materials at your own pace. In our last round of this program, about 80% of the members were going at a slower pace than the program is released and still getting a ton out of the program and making progress. The tools you'll learn in this program will be with you for life. It's not meant to be complete by the end of the 7 weeks so if it takes you longer, that's totally ok. What will be solid is your knowledge about your behaviors, the reasons behind them and how to stop doing them. The rest is practice and consistency. 


Mindful eating scares the begeezus out of me. What if I gain weight?

I totally hear you on that. I was really scared of it, too. It’s normal to fluctuate a bit when you start the process of honoring your true hunger and releasing restrictions around certain foods. Here’s the funny thing: when I got mindful about my eating, it got a ton easier to stay at the same, fit size consistently! When you are truly mindful, you are in touch with your body's actual hunger. You may find - like most of the members in the last round of the course - that you eat less than usual when eating mindfully. You may find - if you are at a low body weight - that a healthy body weight for you is slightly higher. Whatever your body does in response to this program, know that it will be aligned with your total health and wellbeing so long as you are doing the recommended work.


I don't think it's my perspective that needs changing, it's my body.

Just a couple years ago, that's what I thought, too, and society backs us up on that belief. I was terrified that if I relinquished control over my body and released all the shame and self-hatred, I would gain tons of weight and everyone around me would judge me.

If you are above a healthy weight, this program will get you started on reaching a healthy bodyweight. If you're already at a healthy bodyweight, your thoughts around your body are holding you in a prison of not-enough-ness. I created this course so that you could free yourself from that prison. The shame that keeps you locked up is keeping you from everything you think you need to lose weight to achieve. You don't have to wait to live that life now. I and many graduated members of this course can tell you that from personal experience.

Please, take my hand. Let me show you what it would be like if you freed up all that space in your head where obsessing over food and body image resides. You'll be amazed at what you're capable of when Fear no longer rules you. A life of Love and peace awaits. I hope you'll join us here.


Questions or concerns about the program? Send me an email using the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.