Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all just feel good about ourselves already?


Too many people walk around on the daily feeling like they're less-than worthy because of shaming health standards that say we need to be XYZ to be enough. Whether it's not thin enough, strong enough, successful enough, buff enough, hot enough or whatever, these kinds of worth-sucking thoughts keep confidence and self-love at bay.

That bull ends here, babe. This 5-day challenge was designed to open up a new frame of mind: one in which we can recognize the radness within us all. The kinda mindset that's aware that a lot of the negative thinking we've got going on isn't a personal failure; it's just something we've learned and now need to un-learn. Basically, we're after a new perspective that just feels really freaking GOOD!


A 5-day email challenge full of mind-opening prompts and actions designed to help us feel GOOD about ourselves. period.




A break

from the persistent "not enough" voice in the mind.


from feeling not-so-great to true empowerment and confidence.


of shaming, limiting patterns, and tools to stop them in their tracks.

real aha moments

that'll open up a new perspective.




Exercises people actually wanna do to start feeling good about themselves and their abilities.


5 emails that give step-by-step guidance to start recognizing one's radness immediately.


Actionable journal prompts to start rewiring self-perception and the way one views their surrounding world.


Did I mention it's totally free?!

This kind of work is my JAM, babe. I wanted to make it as accessible as possible and how much more accessible could I make it than free?!

All you gotta do is sign up for emails below (you know, so we can send you the emails) and voila: you're in! 


More About Us


Hey there, Health Hero!

I don't know about you, but we think there might be more to life than just beating ourselves up all the time. If you agree, my fellow warrior in radness, you're in the right place!

Strong Inside Out is a movement that helps people break free from shaming, metric-based health standards and build individual health without scales or metrics instead.

We live for this stuff!

That weirdo to the right is me - I'm Amy and I run this joint. I've been to the other side - something I call "performance health" - and all I got were these lousy disorders, gaping self-worth and injuries. I found after years of trying to be enough through forcing my body and mind fit into the neat little performance health box that none of the things I was striving for actually filled the hole of "not enough" inside me (even after I'd achieved them!).

I got to my ideal weight, achieved an amount of success to be proud of and excelled at races and competitions I've been to and you know what? I was still a mess on the inside because I didn't work on what was driving me to do those things - shame.

This challenge and a lot of what we do at Strong Inside Out IS the answer I was looking for back then. I'm hoping that everything I've learned from doing it wrong can help babes all over the world do it right, expedite the process and give them the breath of relief they've been hoping for.

Welcome to our awesome, super-supportive community, babe! You are so very welcome here!